Mission accomplished for 2020 TVLB Online E-Sports Invitational


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of China-Singapore relations, Touch Video Live Broadcast (TVLB) teamed up with Orientivity Group (Singapore) to host the second TVLB Online E-Sports Invitational on April 5, 2020.

Made possible thanks to cloud technology, this is the first time TVLB has held a live match-up telecast, successfully connecting China, Singapore and Myanmar.

This is also the first time TVLB, along with Edge Mediatech Pte Ltd, officially reached out to the e-sports culture well-loved by youths of Singapore.

Unfazed by virus pandemic

Even after companies in China were allowed to resume work, e-sports competitions still had to be postponed due to their large turnout. Despite that, with support from Electronic Sports Committee of Internet Society of China, TVLB and Orientivity were able to produce the original TVLB Online E-Sports Invitational, an international e-sports online tournament.

Impunity, Singapore's team, faced off with TVLB's team in a thrilling battle, with specially-invited e-sports commentators Zeng Weixuan and Liu Zifei providing commentary.

The competition, live-streamed on Chinese websites Huya and DouYu, saw nearly 100,000 viewers at its peak.

Behind the Scenes of Live Broadcast

Yan Baitong, TVLB's director, said the greatest challenge was ensuring and maintaining signal transmission among the three countries. By using cloud transmission technology, the signal was reproduced in Beijing studio.

After testing telecommunication networks in Beijing, Tokyo, Jakarta and Singapore, it was ultimately decided that Singapore would be the base for video transmissions.

In order to prevent network delay and ensure that the live broadcast signal remained smooth and clear, multiple stress tests were conducted among China, Singapore and Myanmar.
In-stream promotions
Live streams are currently one of the most popular channels for product promotions and advertising. TVLB, too, is no stranger and featured a bold innovation: a broadcasting truck.

The advertisements were played in a floating window at the corner of the stream. With scrolling text and popular broadcasters providing commentary, viewers were introduced to this truck.

Edge Mediatech Pte Ltd was established in Singapore by CSM and TVLB in late 2019. Moving forward, the company aims to delve deeper into the e-sports industry in order to provide end-to-end service for e-sports competitions.

With Yincubator's support, the company has its sights set on expanding internationally.

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