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Task Oriented
4K/IP Vans that were produced by Edge Mediatech are designed strictly according to international standards for Sports Events Live Broadcasting. With our performances ranking among the top levels in the international broadcasting field, EdgeMedia can easily meet our client's requirements.

Who Are We

Edge Mediatech Pte Ltd was founded in 2019, located in Singapore, formed by the major sports power houses Touch Video Live Broadcast Resources Corporate(TVLB). Our management team has more than 20 years of hands-on experience from TVLB, the largest private sports broadcasting provider in China. We are a leading provider of complex live broadcast facilities and production services to content owners and distributors. With rich experience, our goal is to expand our business internationally with Singapore being our base.

Our diverse body of work covers much more than just outside broadcasts and live events. Today, EMG provides a complete spectrum of solutions that help you bring world-class entertainment to life.

Our Services

We provide various services in sports productions including:
Live match/world feed production and short turnaround highlights
High-end social media content creation for federations and major Chinese football tournaments
OB facilities and equipment hire for live match coverage
Chinese major tournaments rights overseas operation
Team China series rights operation
Production and Distribution
●Live world feed coverage of Chinese Super League Matches, 240+ matches annually
●Extended live feed services for domestic and international clients of Chinese Super League
●Live feed coverage of Team China Series
●Distribution services to traditional TV and new media platforms, like CCTV5 and PPTV Sports
E-sports and Entertainment
●Co-founder of TVLB E-sports International Competition
●Live feed coverage of E-sports International Competition
●Live feed production for SUMMER TIME WITH CAIXIN, the on-line concert by CaiXin Group


The highest domestic signal production level in China, first-class professional production team.
Professional Serving

Professional Serving

The largest private production company in China.
Own two domestically leading 4K OB vans, two HD OB vans and advanced equipment.


Take the lead in VR content production of sports events.
Output VR feed of CSL matches and other games.


Based on powerful hardware support.
Provides 4K broadcasting solutions at any time.
Audio Service

Audio Service

Cooperate with world's leading audio service providers on panoramic sound production.


Has the domestically leading virtual advertising production capacity.
Transmission System

Transmission System

Has ownership of the complete optical cable, satellite, network transmission system.

We take pride in accomplishing difficult live production projects without compromising on our quality assurance. Our packages make use of the latest technologies, which includes the newest 3G HD, UHD, 4K, and IP systems. To ensure our products meets costumer’s needs, we have an experienced engineering team to examine each project. 

Since it is designed to be quickly deployed from job to job, our flypacks are uniquely scalable. Where it is capable of covering a small unilateral remote broadcast through to the largest sporting events.
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